Ben Wilman is based in West Yorkshire and provides animal physiotherapy across the entire county. Ben utilises a range of mobile equipment which he uses alongside manual techniques to provide extensive physiotherapy in the client’s home, veterinary practice or stable yard.

Working closely with your vet, Ben will provide treatment to animals suffering a wide range of conditions including musculoskeletal injury, neurological deficiency, pre and post surgical conditioning and rehabilitation. Maintenance and performance improvements for working and competitive animals are also important aspects of Ben’s physiotherapy work.

Ben is fully qualified as a veterinary physiotherapist to Post-graduate level and is fully insured. Ben has a long history in performance and medicine with a degree in Human sports science and physiology and a 10 year career as a Paramedic. Ben has since turned his attention to animals and is passionate about providing high levels of knowledge and care in their treatment.

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Our treatments are evidence-based, taking in to account the latest scientific research and understanding of veterinary physiotherapy. Keeping abreast of the latest published thinking on treatments and techniques ensures that your Veterinary Physiotherapist is always delivering the very best in care for your animal.

Ben offers a wide range of services and treatments including a series of manual therapies, electrotherapies and remedial exercises to reduce pain and optimise the body’s function. These can be employed after injury or illness, as part of a routine management programme for the sports horse or workingdog at peak performance, or to manage age related changes.

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To enquire further about the physiotherapy services and treatments, or to make an appointment, simply get in touch via any of the methods on our contact page. I am more than happy to give advice regarding any concerns about your animals physical health.